Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Baby Brother Izzard

Last month we took a sneak peek of Baby Brother and you bet we went to a different 3D/4D ultrasound place. First thing they did was confirm he's a boy. LOL. He was moving around a lot, measuring about a pound more than the average, and looking so cute! 

Baby Brother can stay snug as a bug until the end of November, though...this mama is not ready for a baby...still unpacking and waiting on furniture to be delivered three weeks later to our new home. We are feeling at home and all have adjusted  well, even Abby the cat! The only room that is waiting to be unpacked is, of course, the nursery. But everything sits waiting for that day. Just realized the colors of this blog are his nursery colors: grey and teal.

Until next time I get a few minutes to myself...here are some photos of our little guy!

29 weeks in the womb!

Baby Brother has a name...we will share on his birth day! 

29 week comparison of Izzards (top left is Jackson, top right is Riley) 

Happy kids! They sure do love each other...and love to argue with each other, too!
This kitty is loving her new paw pad! She's acting like a kitten at age 10!

Last week after a Barre3 class...I've managed to go at least four times a week this pregnancy. Love it.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Oh Hello!

Summer kept us a little busy! Pregnancy, selling our home, buying a new one, summer camps for Jackson (golf, theater, swim lessons and soccer), and Riley becoming more verbal and social make for no blog posts! Now that Jackson is in Kindergarten (!), maybe I will have some more "free time" before Baby Brother arrives! Please forgive my absence...and enjoy this photo dump of summer pictures! 

 Baby Brother is growing!

Fun in the sun at the SR Swim and Racquet Club!

Jackson is 5 1/2! Mommy and Son date at the Old Spaghetti Factory.

One of the perks of having open houses...you drive around for hours. 

Princess Belle! Ri is really into princesses and all things girly.

Crushing on Brayden. 

First pedicure! Riley turned 2 1/2 so naturally a pedi to celebrate!

"Like my puh-ple toes and flower?"

Xander came to Barre3 and celebrated a pre-season Chargers win!

Lots of fun summer times with Kendall!

Gram and Grandpa visited for a weekend!

Playing duck, duck, goose!

Loving the summer strolls at Lake Miramar!

Guest Barre3 Master Trainer Candace visited the studio! Always great workouts from her in person and on line!

Back to school shopping and In and Out = Perfect Day!

The kids look forward to weekly "Taco Tuesdays" at our house. They are such good helpers, too!

Jackson learned to use my spiralizer! Fun making zoodles!

I'm the Queen of Freaky accidents. I stabbed my eyeball with a hard plastic straw in the middle of the night as I reached for my water...deep cornea abrasion is still healing. 

Saying good bye to our favorite Chargers Cheerleader and Barre3 childcare girl, Jelly!